Sagnik Chakraborty

  • This book complies latest advancement in the field of environmental biotechnology. It focuses on topics that comprises industrial, environment and agricultural related issues to microbiological studies and exhibits correlation between biological world and dependence of humans on it. It is designed into three sections covering the role of environmental biotechnology in industry, environmental remediation, and agriculture. Ranging from micro-scale studies to macro, it covers up a huge domain of environmental biotechnology. Overall the book portrays the importance of modern biotechnology technologies in solving the problems in modern day life. The book is a ready reference for practicing students, researchers of biotechnology, environmental engineering, chemical engineering and other allied fields likewise.

  • Combined fields of Microbiology and Nanotechnology have been most successful in providing novel solutions for protecting the health of humans and environment. This book covers the implications of nano-strategies to combat bacterial pathogens, applications of nanotechniques in microbiology, and innovative advances in the area of medical microbiology. Contents are divided into three sections -- Nanoscience in controlling bacterial pathogens, Nanoscience in Microbiology, Medical Microbiology. This volume is going to provide timely information about the technological advances of Nanoscience in the domain of Microbiology, with a special emphasis on Pathobiology. The book is a useful read for students and researchers in microbiology, nanotechnology and medical microbiology.