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  • Ghana is an uncrowded place to go for game-viewing, with Mole National Park and Baobeng Monkey Sanctuary among the highlights. This title helps readers to discover a country steeped in a rich cultural tradition and little-visited attractions.

  • A world away from Istanbul, the rugged region of eastern Turkey is now opening up to travellers after years of instability. Here visitors can see churches and entire cities hewn from rock, fairytale castles on looming crags and fantasy palaces built by power-crazed Anatolian chieftains. Turkey expert Diana Darke provides all the essential practical advice on trekking and mountaineering; wildlife and birdwatching; and accommodation and eating options. Bradt's Eastern Turkey is the only guidebook dedicated to this fascinating region and includes first-hand accounts about everything from soaking in thermal pools to the ascent of Turkey's highest peak, Mount Ararat.

    ¡The first and only in-depth guide to the under-visited region of eastern Turkey ¡Dedicated chapters on bird watching and wildlife ¡Practical advice on trekking and mountaineering with first-hand accounts of volcano-climbing around Mount Ararat and Lake Van ¡Colourful proverbs and quotes from Turkish folklore to entertain and enlighten

  • The sixth edition of the Bradt Guide to Madagascar brings the visitor bang up to date with the changes in tourist infrastructure that have made Madagascar increasingly accessible. The ideal guide for all visitors, whether on an organized tour or heading out on their own. This guide includes suggested itineraries for all budgets and interests. It has expanded coverage of natural history. Provides information on national parks and reserves, including those just opened. It contains fully revised details of hotels, restaurants and transport, 47 fully updated maps and town plans as well as the best places to watch the total eclipse of 2001.

  • This thoroughly updated fourth edition includes all the developments in Namibia's accommodation, from guest farms and lodges to bush-camps, plus details on areas of natural interest such as the new Sperrgebiet National Park. Author Chris McIntyre tempts adrenaline junkies with exciting opportunities for dune-boarding, ballooning and quad-biking in the desert, while the guide details Namibia's unique and fascinating wildlife, how to visit bushman villages and guidelines on eco-travel. From the desolate Skeleton Coast to the lush Kavango and Caprivi Strip, or the picturesque capital, Windhoek, Bradt has it covered.

    ¡Thoroughly updated, Bradt's Namibia is the most comprehensive guide on the market ¡Detailed reviews of accommodation options from lodges and hotels to campsites ¡Chris McIntyre, the author, is a well-known and established expert on Africa ¡This new edition offers increased coverage of the national parks, including the new Sperrgebiet National Park

  • Ghana is an ideal destination for first-time visitors to Africa, rich in national parks, forest reserves, cultural sites and scenic waterfalls, blessed with bleached white beaches and lush rain forests of the Atlantic coastline. Covering the country, this guide includes history and wildlife sections, accommodation, and restaurant recommendations.

  • A guide to Madagascar that combines the author's knowledge of the country with contributions from nearly 50 experts and countless travellers. It is suitable for those who are planning a trip to this unique island.

  • Introduces travellers not only to rural monasteries and tranquil national parks but also to hip nightclubs and swinging summer festivals of Serbia. This guide provides fresh information to business visitors, adventure travellers and those with an interest in art, history or wildlife. It also includes information on the independent state of Kosovo.

  • Glittering blue coastlines and spectacular volcanic landscapes characterise Azores that erupted from beneath the ocean some five million years ago. This title provides practical information and features on culture, history and festivals. It describes the best walks along with information on where to eat and sleep and how to get around.

  • The only dedicated guidebook to Sudan -- the Bradt guide is now fully updated.

  • Mali's capital, Timbuktu, became a twin town of Hay-on-Wye in February 2007; both are famous for their festivals, but that's where the family likeness ends. This title features information that ranges from elephant migrations to rock-climbing.

  • The second edition of this tightly focused guide includes updated information on the best accommodation in every price bracket, and the best of the safaris. There's specific coverage of the wildlife and natural history of the region, making it the indispensable companion to a safari in northern Tanzania's renowned national parks.

  • From the northern coastal strip with bays reminiscent of southern Italy to the desert towns of the south, Algeria has a great deal to offer visitors. This guide focuses on the renascent Algeria.

  • Sao Tome & Principe features enticing blend of African, Portuguese and Caribbean culture. Largely unexplored and unexploited by tourism, these tropical volcanic islands off the west African coast are the antithesis of mass-market destinations. This guide helps pioneering travelers to discover an African island paradise.