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  • Edition for English-speaking people looking for the best addresses and good deals. An essential guidebook to find an accommodation, a restaurant, to organize your visits, outings and shopping. A selection of addresses gathering the must-sees as the hidden treasures for a successful stay. Welcome to Aude.
    "Do you speak English ?" Le Petit Futé s'adresse aujourd'hui aux publics anglophones, britannique et américain bien sûr mais aussi tous les touristes utilisant l'anglais comme langue de communication (scandinaves, asiatiques ...).
    leur propose avec la collection « Best of » le meilleur d'une destination. Des guides essentiels pour trouver un hébergement, un restaurant, pour organiser ses visites, ses sorties et son shopping, accompagnés des indispensables cartes et conseils de voyage. Une sélection d'adresses rassemblant les immanquables comme les trésors cachés de chaque destination pour que le voyage ne soit que réussite et émerveillement.

    Retrouvez également les bonnes adresses et les bons plans du Petit Futé en anglais sur notre tout nouveau, consultable partout dans le monde.

  • A real treasure: this is how the Parc de la Villette appears today. What were once huge slaughterhouses began to change in the 1980s, and have been evolving ever since. Culture, leisure, relaxation: the north-east of Paris lives with and around the park, from the Grande Halle to the Zénith, from the Cité des Sciences to the Philharmonie, from attending shows and exhibitions to playing sports. Here is a place for discovery, amazement, release, but so are, by radiance, the surrounding neighbourhoods. It is impossible not to find something to your liking!

  • The first guide published in Paris in English, to help visitors to discover the City of lights as if they were being led by the hand !
    Le premier guide publié en France, en anglais, pour faciliter la vie des touristes à Paris !
    With Tip-Top Tips to Paris, go step-by-step, as if being led by the hand, on seven incredible walks through a city that's just brimming with a seemingly endless array of riches, wonders and delights!
    Compiled from over twenty years of hard-won knowledge and personal experiences, the more than 200 tips found in this guide will help you to move around, shop, eat, explore, discover or get to know the city of Paris, both inside and out, as good, if not better, than many of the people living in it!
    The dozens upon dozens of QR codes in the guide will also provide you with instant access to the kind of up-to-date information that most people need when either planning their trip or especially while they are on it.
    Qu'est-ce qu'un TIP en anglais ?
    Tip = un conseil d'ami
    Tip-Top = excellent ; premier choix
    Ce sont des " Bons plans ", des recommandations et des petits " trucs " et que l'auteur, Mark Gaito, Américain installé à Paris depuis 20 ans, propose à travers ce guide en anglais. Ces
    " conseils d'amis " permettront au visiteur qui découvre la capitale d'optimiser ses visites, de ne rien rater, de ne pas perdre son temps et d'être guidé par un amoureux de Paris.
    Mark partage ses adresses, ses coups de coeur et son amour pour Paris.
    Dans cet ouvrage à glisser dans une poche, il propose 7 promenades guidées dans la capitale.
    et au travers des 10 autres chapitres explore :
    - Comment se déplacer ?
    - Les monuments
    - Les parcs et jardins
    - les marchés, les rues commerçantes
    - Les cafés, restaurants, bistros et brasseries
    - Les boulangeries, patisseries, chocolateries et autres adresses gourmandes
    - Les take-out
    - Les fromageries et caves...
    - Le shopping : grands magasins, rues commerçantes et centres commerciaux
    - Les marchés aux puces
    - Les lieux romantiques
    Et à chaque page des TIPS : bonnes adresses, faits historiques, anecdotes, bons plans pour manger etc, mais aussi des FLASHCODES pour des informations toujours au Top !

  • OECD's comprehensive review of rural policy in Italy.  On average, rural regions in Italy have some of the highest GDP per capita among the OECD countries, yet unexploited potential remains. This analysis of rural Italy reveals heterogeneous economic conditions, an increasing elderly population and a diminished focus on environmental concerns. This suggests the need for a broader rural policy approach that reflects the changing demands upon rural resources and that considers other aspects of rurality including health, education and quality of life. 

  • Anglais Zambia


    • Oecd
    • 20 Mars 2012

    OECD's review of investment policy in Zambia reviews the country's investment policy, investment promotion and facilitation, trade and competition policy, tax policy, corporate governance, policies for promoting responsible business conduct, infrastructure development and other aspects of the policy framework for investment.

  • Panorama de la biodiversité, de la climatologie, de la flore des zones arides de ce pays, cet ouvrage abondamment illustré, décrit environ 150 espèces pastorales d'importance en précisant leur écologie, leurs utilisations et les techniques de réhabilitation des parcours dégradés. Il contribue à une meilleure connaissance des zones arides méconnues d'Asie centrale ainsi qu'à la conservation et à l'utilisation rationnelle de leurs fragiles ressources.

  • Damages to economic assets resulting from natural disasters have soared in the past fifteen years, and climate change models forecast intensified exposure to extreme weather in many OECD countries. This OECD review of risk management policies focuses on Japan, because the geography, topography and climate of its national territory subject it to serious natural hazards, especially seismic activity and typhoons. The report looks at Japan´s policies in the areas of monitoring, preparing for and responding to floods and earthquakes, seeking out and identifying good practices and areas where improvements could be made. The case studies consider several issues of particular interest to policy makers, such as how to take climate change into account for long term policy planning related to large scale floods, and Japan´s unique earthquake insurance scheme for damages whose probability and impact are hard to accurately assess.

  • Edition for English-speaking people looking for the best addresses and good deals. An essential guidebook to find an accommodation, a restaurant, to organize your visits, outings and shopping. A selection of addresses gathering the must-sees as the hidden treasures for a successful stay. Welcome to Côte d'Opale.

  • Let yourself be guided by the hand, the eye and the hart. Brussels and its thousand faces welcomes you with open arms for an unforgetable moment, full of rich memories you won´t resist coming back. As Belgium has been one of the most progressive countries talking about marriage and adoption for homosexuals, its capital, Brussels has become one of the most gay friendly cities in Europe. With its many bars, restaurants, nightspots, shops, museums and events, Brussels is a welcoming place that invites you to party 'til dawn. True to the reputation of the capital, Brussels' gay scene is discrete, varied and warm, as illustrated by portraits of the city's inhabitants included in this Brussels Gay Friendly guide. Written by Christophe Cordier, regular collaborator with Têtu magazine, this guide lists the best "gay" hotspots in the capital as well as the essential tourist sites (the Grand-Place, the Dansaert area, the Cinquentenaire, the Sablon...). The book is divided into three main parts : addresses and "gay" tips (Bars, Nightlife, Restaurants, Shopping, Cruising, Sport and Beauty, Events, Accommodation), touristic information and portraits. It is also available in French.

  • This unique guidebook is designed to provide travellers with all the information they need to plan worry-free cycling holidays all across Ontario, Canada. It includes 34 tours, a multitude of safety tips, plus details on accommodations, local history, ground conditions, access to interesting trails, and more.

  • Quebec, founded by Samuel de Champlain in 1608, became the capital of New France in 1663. This fortress city and inland seaport served as a crucial control point, linking the Atlantic World with the vast network of navigable rivers and lakes that were the lifeblood of the French empire in North America.
    This is the second book in the Mendel Guides series, a richly-illustrated collection of volumes that offers an inspiring new vision of Quebec, declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 1985. After exploring the upper town in the first volume, Quebec, World Heritage City, architectural historian David Mendel and photographer Luc-Antoine Couturier now take us down to the lower town, to discover a wealth of history, architecture and art in the port sector, by the shores of the St. Lawrence River. The destiny of the lower town has always been tied to the rising and falling fortunes of the port. Evidence of Quebecs evolution as a maritime city remains visible at almost every corner, waiting to be discovered by the observant eye. It is a story that is told in brick and stone.

  • Geneva Edition for English-speaking people looking for good tips and good addresses in Geneva and its surroundings. An essential how-to guide to find an accommodation, a restaurant, to organise visits, outings and shopping, attended by the indispensable

  • Best of Calais 2014 Petit Futé (with photos, maps + readers comments) Edition for English-speaking people looking for the best addresses and good deals in Calais. An essential guidebook to find an accommodation, a restaurant, to organize your visits, o

  • Anglais Ontario

    Pascale Couture

    The practical Ulysses Travel Guide Ontario provides the most in-depth coverage of Canada's richest and most populous province, with sections dedicated to each of Ontario's regions and major cities. Travel through the charming 19th-century villages that dot the banks of the St. Lawrence River and the shores of the Great Lakes. Fall under the spell of the modern cities of Ottawa, the nation's capital, and Toronto, its proudly multicultural metropolis. Discover all of Ontario's stunning natural splendours, from its many splendid provincial parks to the majestic Niagara Falls and the sprawling beaches on Lake Huron. This guide includes the best hotels, restaurants, shops and nightlife options for all budgets, as well as a whole chapter dedicated to outdoor activities. Whether for a quick weekend visit or a longer vacation, this Ulysses guide is the perfect companion for business people, outdoor enthusiasts, culture buffs, families, foodies, wine lovers and all other travellers who wish to discover the best Ontario has to offer.

  • This guide explores the marvellous national parks found in the Quebec regions of Gaspésie and Bas-Saint-Laurent (Gaspésie, Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé, Miguasha, Forillon and Bic). The guide offers a geographical and historical overview of each of these protected areas, as well as an in-depth look at each park's unique landscape and facilities. Complete information on the outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in each park is provided, including everything from hiking, cycling, sea-kayaking and other nautical sports to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Special attention is given to wildlife observation, with several tips on how to maximise your chances of spotting wild animals in their natural environment. Finally, accommodation suggestions are provided for each park, including campsites, yurts, refuges, lodges and many others.

  • Destinée aux habitants du Nunavik, aux touristes du Grand Nord et aux botanistes amateurs et professionnels, cette nouvelle édition du guide trilingue (français, anglais et inuktitut) remplace l´Atlas des plantes des villages du Nunavik. Elle présente plus de 400 végétaux et précise leur répartition autour des villages et dans les parcs du Nunavik, ainsi que dans certaines régions du Québec, dont le Parc de la Gaspésie qui, sur ses hauts sommets, abrite de nombreuses espèces alpines également présentes dans l´Arctique québécois.

  • Dans le Haut-Berry, sur la route Jacques Coeur, entre les étangs de Sologne et les coteaux de Sancerre, venez découvrir Aubigny-sur-Nère.Patrimoine, nature, musées, expositions, animations, le charme et la magie de la Cité des Stuarts vous envoûteront. In the Haut Berry, on the road Jacques Coeur, between the ponds of Sologne and the slops of Sancerre, discover Aubigny-sur-Nère. Heritage, nature, museums, exhibitions, entertainment, charm and magic of the City of Stuart will bewitch you... Im Oberen Berry, auf der Straße Jacques Coeur, zwischen den Teichen der Sologne und den Weinbergen des Sancerre, entdecken Sie Aubigny-sur-Nère. Geschichtliches Erbe, Natur, Museen, Aus-stellungen, Unterhal-tung, der Reiz und die Magie der Stadt der Stuarts werden Sie verzaubern...